Panasonic TL WG3 Series

Panasonic TL WG3 Series

The new developed TL Robot series by Panasonic has the opportunity to work in a 2 meter working area for wide and maximum reachable welding procedures.

Optimum welding processes are achieved by utilizing an integrated inverter power source within the robot controller, ensuring complete synergy within the common control system.

This ensures that the established benefits and advantages of the existing TAWERS Fusion Technology are also now available for use for the range of MIG, MAG and DC TIG welding process.

Suitable for various industries including; Automotive, Construction, Furniture, Manufacturing, Railroad, Shipping etc.


TAWERS Technology―Various Welding Processes

SP-MAG Ⅱ for short-circuit mixed gas welding on thin plates.
  • Greatly reduces spatter in mixed gas welding on thin plates
  • Welding waveform control achieves low spatter in short-circuit transfer range
MTS-CO₂ for CO₂ welding
  • Reduces spatter by up to 75 % using inexpensive CO2 gas,
  • MTS control added to SP-MAG technology reduces spatter of CO2 welding.
  • For high-speed and low-spatter in high-current pulsed mixed gas welding
  • Short and narrow arc prevents undercuts during high-speed welding.
  • Preventing undercuts with ideal penetration!

Manipulator General Specifications

Model TL-1800 TL-2000
Type Long Arm Long Arm
Structure 6 axis articulated
Payload 8kg 6kg
Maximum Reach 1801mm 1999mm
Minimum Reach 383mm 491mm
Working Range 1418mm 1508mm
Max Motion Speed RT 195°/s
UA 197°/s
FA 205°/s
RW 385°/s
BW 375°/s
TW 624°/s
Position Repeatability ±0.08mm ±0.15mm
Motors Total Power 5050W
Brakes All axes
Mounting Floor/Ceiling
Weight 215kg 216kg

Controller / Welder Technical Specifications

Model WG3 WGH3
Dimensions W 553mm x D 550mm x H 1181mm W 553mm x D 550mm x H 1407mm
Weight 135kg 171kg
Memory Capacity 40000 points
Position Control Software Servo Control
External Memory Teach Pendant: One SD Memory Card Slot
Two USB 2.0 ports
Control Axes 6 axes simultaneously (Max. 27 axes)
Input and Output Input: 40 points (Optionally expandable up to 2048 points)
Output: 40 points (Optionally expandable up to 2048 points)
Input Power 3 phase, 200 V AC±20 V AC,
22kVA, 50/60Hz
4 phase, 200 V AC±20 V AC,
30.5kVA, 50/60Hz
50/60Hz (Max Current at servo on: 246A/5.6ms)
Welding Process CO2/MAG/Stainless Steel MIG/Pulse MAG/ Stainless pulse MIG
Output Current Range 30 to 350 A DC 30 to 450 A DC
Output Voltage Range 12 to 36V DC 12 to 42 V DC
Duty Cycle CV: 80% @ 350A
Pulse: 60% @ 350A
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